Warp Wizard Chapter 5 SNIP

The Warp Wizard Chapter Five: “All Planets Stand Ready. Subject X97 is Up and About”

As the house on Fire Ant Lane settles down for the night, its new arrival finds herself anything but sleepy. Now Read On! Finding herself unable to step into the (presumably) kindly offered pyjamas had been the start of it, thought Charlotte. The room was nice enough. The blue and white stripes on the eiderdown

Warp Wizard Chapter 4 Art

The Warp Wizard Chapter Four: “Overheard in the Oyster, and Other Transcriptions”

As the freshly re-orphaned Charlotte snoozes away her first night in the House of Dee, the barrel is rolled out in the Noisy Oyster. Now Read On! The pub that never shuts was just closing when the door opened and a bowler-hatted eminence slid inside out of the cold. The gentleman self-identified to Charlotte as Doctor

Art by and © Keith Page

The Warp Wizard Chapter One – “Wot? No Breakfast?”

“Oi!” shouted the bus conductor. “This is as far as you go.” Charlotte pretended not to hear him, but now everyone on the bus was looking at her as the red-faced man with the look of a sergeant-major about him bore down on her. She looked out the window, but all she could see was

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