Paint it Black by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page snip

London’s Kingsway Tram Subway, featured in “Paint it Black”, opened to the public for tours

Kingsway Tram Subway – at one time, probably the most important stretch of tram track in London – is to be openedto open to the public for the first time since its closure almost 70 years ago. Reached by a ramp in the middle of Southampton Row at the intersection of Theobalds Road, it was

Cat Corday of the RSF - Sample Panel 2

Cat Corday of the RSF – Sneak Peek

Stephen Walsh and Keith Page are beavering away on the next and perhaps most ambitious Charlotte Corday project yet – Cat Corday of the RSF – and we have a sneak peek for our loyal fans! The project homages numerous SF-inspired comics of the 1950s and we’re sure many readers will pick up on the influences. The

Cat Corday of the RSF - Cover Mock

Next Charlotte Corday story, “Cat Corday of the RSF”, takes shape

  Writer Stephen Walsh has started work on a new Charlotte Corday story, Cat Corday of the RSF, which we previously reported on. It’s a story set on Mars – a Dan Dare type sequel inspired by Quatermass and the Pit, with hardware inspired by the Von Braun study Das Marsprojekt.” Keith Page has worked up a number of

London Calling Promotional Art

“London Calling” goes digital, on sale now

  The Charlotte Corday adventure London Calling, published by Timebomb Comics, has just been added to the ROK Comics digital app for iPad, taking its place alongside Iron Moon, which was published in print by Print Media. Wolverhampton-based audio comics publisher ROK Comics recently revamped its ‘aggregator’ app, which brings together all its ROK Comics – and titles

Charlotte Corday on Mars. Art © Keith Page

Charlotte Corday: The Martian Menace

Artist Keith Page may be busy working on a year-long World War One series for DC Thomson’s Commando at present, but that doesn’t mean he and writer Stephen Walsh aren’t thinking about new Charlotte Corday adventures. With work on an as-yet unpublished Corday story, Plunger’s Last Case, now complete, the pair have hatched an idea

Squadron of the Screaming Damned published by Timebomb Comics

Time Bomb Comics are the publishers of the Charlotte Corday story Squadron of the Screaming Damned by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page, the follow up to London Calling, the critically acclaimed graphic album the same company also published in 2010. There’s a U-boat in the bathtub which can only mean one thing: The world is unravelling like an old jumper – again! Join

London Calling

London Calling published by Timebomb Comics

Written by screen-writer Stephen Walsh with stunning artwork by renowned Commando artist Keith Page, London Calling, published by Timebomb Comics, is a complete thrilling adventure of Charlotte Corday, told in a style that hearkens back to classic British comic strips of yesteryear. Set in a 1950’s London one-step sideways to our own, secret agent Charlotte

Iron Moon by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page

Iron Moon – Digital Edition Information

ROK Comics, Britain’s dedicated mobile comics publisher, offers a digital edition of the steampunk graphic novel The Iron Moon, one of several creator-owned Charlotte Corday comic stories by acclaimed Commando comics artist Keith Page and film writer Stephen Walsh. Described as ‘Rorke’s Drift in Space’, The Iron Moon is a fast-paced steampunk-inspired adventure starring no-nonsense adventuress Charlotte Corday and is now available worldwide

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