Artist Keith Page

Artist Keith Page

Inspired by the great British comics artists of the past such as Frank Hampson, Don Lawrence and Joe Colquhoun, Keith Page has worked full-time in comics and illustration for almost 30 years. Subjects have ranged from television-related material such as Thunderbirds, science fiction, and war stories of all periods for Commando.

Along with many Charlotte Corday-related projects, recent works include The Casebook of Bryant May: The Soho Devil written by Christopher Fowler.

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  1. Paul Watson


    For various reasons, I wasn’t able to find a copy of Bryant and May until this week. Having just received and read it at a single sitting (there will be a few more readings before it rests on the shelf with the rest of Chris’ work), I had to get in contact to say what a superb piece of work it was; loved the realisation of the two eponymous heroes but I have to say the one ‘stand out’ frame for me was the front of St. Pancras station – the sheer amount of work in a simple background piece was stunning and you’d have been forgiven for doing a simple shade ‘n’ shadows water colour on it. To have spent the time you did drawing in the individual windows and getting the colouring and shading right is quite simply breath taking.

    Thank you so much for bringing a much loved pair of characters to life with such obvious love and care – didn’t think you could improve on the draughtsmanship after Rocket Pilot in ‘Spaceship Away’ but, boy, was I wrong. Are there plans for a second volume ? I certainly hope so.

    Warmest regards and admiration


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