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Charlotte Corday in “Down by the Riverside” The Adventures of Charlotte Corday relaunched on Tapas London’s Kingsway Tram Subway, featured in “Paint it Black”, opened to the public for tours

Vampire Squad, 1955

The Scotland Yard Vampire Squad headed by Soho resident ʻParaffinʼ Jack MacNab first appears in London Calling. With their fleet of distinctive vehicles including Humber Pullman hearses, black Daimler ambulances and converted military vehicles, they patrol the streets of 1950ʼs London.

The V-Cars in Piccadilly Circus, 1955
The V-Cars in Piccadilly Circus, 1955

Their weapons, apart from the traditional wooden stakes, include crossbows and ʻdaylight bulbʼ searchlights. Jack will appear in his own spinoff colour graphic novel Paint it Black.

Iʼve also designed a Steampunk version of the squad for possible future use.

Paraffin Jack -Steampunk Version

4 thoughts on “In the Spotlight: V-Cars, 1955

  1. wandererbkb says:

    Looking forward to this, when will it be released?

    1. John Freeman says:

      Thanks for asking. “London Calling” is already on sale from TimeBomb Comics. This page features the details of Charlotte Corday projects and their progress:

      1. wandererbkb says:

        That page doesn’t mention Paint it Black, I was hoping to learn it’s release date, or maybe a rough estimate of it. I bought London Calling and I liked it a lot, now I am looking for more!

        1. John Freeman says:

          More news when we get it on the full release of this Charlotte Corday book.

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