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Charlotte Corday - The Fulcanelli Conundrum

Two more Charlotte Corday stories by Keith Page are now available to read for free in full on the digital comics platform Tapas, joining a number of other stories starring the time-hopping, dimension jumping adventurer.

Joining an early story, “Witchcraft Street“, also published on the official Charlotte Corday web site, stories on the site include “Wonderbirds at Your Service“, and “Gothick“, bringing together many previous guest stars in past Corday adventures, pitted against the real creator of the monster that later forms the focus of Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein….

Also available to read now is  “The Fulcanelli Conundrum“, a story that is in part a sequel to “Witchcraft Street” for lead character Charlotte Corday – but at the same time a prequel for a major character she encounters in pre-war Paris.

Coming soon is “Shockwave Riders“, another more science fiction adventure which sees Charlotte battling mysterious UFOs – from Venus!

Some adventures are also being published to the Charlotte Corday Facebook Page, where Keith occasionally drops in and teases followers with new work.

There’s a full list of Charlotte Corday stories – both published and yet to find a home – here

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