Art by and © Keith Page

The Warp Wizard Chapter Three – “A Quiet Room on the 99th Floor”

Uprooted from the comfort and safety of Saint Feasance’s Home For Lost Little ‘Uns, Charlotte finds herself sent to an unknown address where she meets a strange man and is… recognised. NOW READ ON! “Yes,” answered Charlotte. “It’s me. But that depends on who the you to whom you refer might be…” “Your name!” the

Art by and © Keith Page

The Warp Wizard Chapter Two – “A Bus to the Beyond”

The Orphan Charlotte Corday bounces out of bed on her sixteenth birthday to find the orphanage completely deserted and a shoeless legal functionary bringing news of a hitherto unknown relative. Now Read On! “Well, more of a friend of the family than an actual relative. But he has agreed to act as your guardian until-“

Art by and © Keith Page

The Warp Wizard Chapter One – “Wot? No Breakfast?”

“Oi!” shouted the bus conductor. “This is as far as you go.” Charlotte pretended not to hear him, but now everyone on the bus was looking at her as the red-faced man with the look of a sergeant-major about him bore down on her. She looked out the window, but all she could see was

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Witchcraft Street, Episode 70 – And Some Notes on Le Bureau Fantôme

After his encounter with an enigmatic old man with an enigmatic warning, Jean Corday finds one answer to many mysteries…   Le Bureau Fantôme The Sûreté, one of the world’s first police forces to be organised along modern lines, was founded by the celebrated ex-criminal Eugène François Vidocq in 1812. It was his belief that

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