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Witchcraft Street, Episode 15

Paris Under Occupation… In May and June 1940 almost four million people fled Paris and its suburbs in anticipation of a German invasion. On 14th June , the German Army tentatively entered the silent and eerily empty French capital. Without one shot being fired in its defence, the Occupation of Paris had begun. When Paris

The Ballad of Jankers Johnston

“JANKERS JOHNSTON” A ballad overheard in the Penal Colonies of the Asteroid Belt They made a grave of Ireland, they did it with a smile, With pox and gas and worse besides, singing all the while, They made us fight their planet wars, and granted us no peace, But I’m here to tell you comrades,

Cutty Glyph

Scrapbook Finds: Cutty Glyph Column, October 3rd 1959

From Cutty Glyph’s “Underneath Soho” column in the London Yellow, issue dated Saturday, October 3rd, 1959. Summer’s gone, then, is it? No particular impression lingers. Shadows accumulate as ever in Dean Street. Bonar Colleano is still dead, but I have it on good authority that a rather beautiful young man present most lunchtimes in the

Charlotte Corday on Mars. Art © Keith Page

Charlotte Corday: The Martian Menace

Artist Keith Page may be busy working on a year-long World War One series for DC Thomson’s Commando at present, but that doesn’t mean he and writer Stephen Walsh aren’t thinking about new Charlotte Corday adventures. With work on an as-yet unpublished Corday story, Plunger’s Last Case, now complete, the pair have hatched an idea

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Witchcraft Street, Episode 11

  • The 1848 Revolution in France, sometimes known as the February Revolution (révolution de Février), was one of a wave of revolutions in 1848 in Europe. In France the revolutionary events ended the Orleans monarchy (1830–48) and led to the creation of the French Second Republic.     • The Paris Commune (known in French as La Commune de Paris) was a revolutionary and socialist government that briefly ruled Paris from 18 March until 28 May

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