London Calling Promotional Art

“London Calling” goes digital, on sale now

  The Charlotte Corday adventure London Calling, published by Timebomb Comics, has just been added to the ROK Comics digital app for iPad, taking its place alongside Iron Moon, which was published in print by Print Media. Wolverhampton-based audio comics publisher ROK Comics recently revamped its ‘aggregator’ app, which brings together all its ROK Comics – and titles

The Ballad of Jankers Johnston

“JANKERS JOHNSTON” A ballad overheard in the Penal Colonies of the Asteroid Belt They made a grave of Ireland, they did it with a smile, With pox and gas and worse besides, singing all the while, They made us fight their planet wars, and granted us no peace, But I’m here to tell you comrades,

Early Iron Moon pages revealed

  Long before the colour version of Iron Moon was published by Print Media (and digitally by ROK Comics), Charlotte Corday aritst Keith Page developed an earlier version of the story which was changed dramatically when writer Stephen Walsh joined the Charlotte Corday team. Featured below are the six pages Keith wrote and drew. “I

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